Joshua: The Black Rider

My seventies-athon continues with this 1976 film. Spoiler alert for this one as I presume most people will not be interested in watching this film.

It is about an African-American soldier returned from the civil war who finds that his mother was killed by a bunch of bandits, and had also kidnapped a beautiful woman. He sets off to get revenge, which he does by picking them off one by one in various fashions. The first bandit was killed by dropping a rattlesnake onto, the second guy he speared to death, the third he hung, and the fourth was shot.

The finale with the final bandit was quite bizarre. The bandit and the woman, who by this time had Stockholm Syndrome and was in love with the head bandit, knew they were being tracked by Joshua. They holed up in a cave, so Joshua tied three sticks of dynamite together and from above the cave lowered the dynamite down by a rope so that it was hanging in front of the entrance. A shoot-out ensued with the bandit quite terrified and just firing his pistol in Joshua’s general direction and yelling, “WHO ARE YOU, WHO ARE YOU?”, but getting no reply. The woman was also freaking out and yelled “I don’t want to live!”. Joshua then calmly lies down with his rifle, aims at the dynamite, and shoots causing a big explosion which would have blown them to bits. He then gets up and says “I am my mother’s son”.

So it was nothing original, but the performance by Fred Williamson (you will recognise him when you see him) was good, and it was probably filmed quite well, but the quality of this film on YouTube was quite bad. I did found a better version on Dailymotion (click here if you are interested in watching this) though.

I can’t find a trailer for this, but here is one for Black Cobra, starring Freddo, and it looks hilariously bad so I have added it to watch later.

Date watched: April 28th
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2016: 72

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