Rumble Fish

Even though I am still not feeling 100% after the week of influenza last week, I had to try and watch a film after an interminable break of 10 days or so.

So on Hulu Plus (which I am going to stop using soon) I found this and thought it might be worthy as I remember reading the book for English in high school.

Pretty good stuff really, although I found it hard going at times, mostly because I was not completely well. The performances by all were great, and there was quite a good cast including Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Tom Waits, Larry Fishburne, Diane Lane, Nicholas Cage, Dennis Hopper, and Chris Penn. This was made in 1983 so all involved were very fresh-faced, and Mickey Rourke looked very suave and cool, nothing like the grizzled pro-wrestler look he has going these days.

Francis Ford Coppola directed this and used techniques which at the time were way too radical for Hollywood execs. He had a film noir look going on, and was influenced by German Expressionist films, which is quite obvious at times. It lost a lot of money at the box office unfortunately.

Stewart Copeland did the soundtrack which was also experimental at the time.

Well worth a watch.

Date watched: April 22nd
Score: 8/10
Film count 2016: 69

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