San Andreas

Well, here we have the old Hollywood disaster film, this genre will never die it seems. This one is pretty much what you would expect, but with one twist, there is not one earthquake but two earthquakes on the exact same spot! Brilliant. So the whole film is one big earthquake with The Rock flying above it and swimming under it. As mentioned in a previous post the best death was the lady who ran out of a door only to find the building missing, and who was it who ran out? Kylie Minogue of all people!

I thoroughly enjoyed this I must say.

Date watched: 14th April
Score: 7.5/10
Movie count: 16

These movie sin things are silly, it’s a disaster movie, nothing makes sense!

One thought on “San Andreas

  1. jason April 18, 2016 / 3:40 am

    Ha! I didn’t notice it was Kylie!


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