Made of Stone

Fanboy Shane Meadows here with his 2013 doco about The Stone Roses getting back together to play some (massive) shows. Pretty good, a bit different being a Shane Meadows film, so no talking heads wanking off about the band, just the band enjoying themselves interspersed with brief archival footage when they were the biggest band in the land.

There is an annoying mid section of fans scrambling for free tickets to a warm-up show in Warrington Town Hall, 20 minutes of people running to the venue to secure their ticket gets really boring fast. But the footage of that show is great, we get to watch the band perform whole tunes. And they are loving it, especially Mani (who needs subtitling, cannot understand a word he says).

The doco finishes off prolonged footage of them playing Fool’s Gold in front of 75,000 people. And it’s fookin’ brilliant!

Now to thrash their first album again. And maybe listen to the second one.

Date watched: 12th April
Score: 8.5/10
Movie count: 15

Here’s that live footage of Fool’s Gold, well worth a watch:

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