Beverly Hills Cop III

I thought I would continue my Eddie-Murphy-a-thon by watching this (the first two films are strangely not on Hulu Plus).

And I am done with Eddie Murphy films as this was atrocious. I still think Eddie is a funny actor, but back in the 90’s he was just doing non-stop crap films. This was directed by John Landis, so I place most of the blame on him. Eddie himself says this film wasn’t very good.

Basically it just seems the writers thought up a bunch of action scenes first, then quickly wrote in the boring bits in between, and to make it more exciting they thought it would be good to set most of the film in a theme park because everyone likes theme parks.

The film started off as if we had joined the action somewhere in the middle of the film. It went straight into a raid on a chop shop, no scene setting or introduction to the characters in a relaxed setting; John Landis does not need no stinkin’ scene setting. From there it was just relentless nonsensical plot lines, terrible action scenes that even the A-Team would be ashamed of (actually Mr. T would have been a better choice as Axel Foley in this film), and poor direction.

John Travolta’s older brother had a part in this, you can see him here. George “Let’s Make Star Wars Cute” Lucas had a cameo, you can see him below at the 0:49 mark, but watch all of this video as it gives you a good idea of how crappy this film is.

Do yourself a favour and do not watch this.

Date watched: April 8th
Score: 0.5/10 (the guy in the second video below was kind of funny, so he gets 0.5, Bronson Pinchot is his name)
Film count 2016: 67

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