More Music from Beyond

Another package arrived in the mail from Second Spin, on my birthday as a matter of fact, I was most pleased.

Inside were nine CD albums of varying degrees of goodness.

New York Dolls – Dancing Backward in High Heels
I like the early New York Dolls releases, although there are only two albums from the seventies. This one was released in 2011 and is their last album release to date. It is quite different too, but in a good way. This video will give you a good idea:

Willie Nelson – Countryman
This was only US$2 and is a reggae covers album! I can imagine Willie smoking a few spliffs while making this, no doubt he did. It is not bad, but not great.

Leadbelly – Easy Rider Blues
I have not heard a lot of Leadbelly, so had to get this. Good stuff.

Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat the Technique
I remember the title song all those years ago, so for old-time’s sake I got this. It has aged a little, but I think it holds up quite well, ye old school rap.

Awfully catchy tune too…

The Fall – This NAT-ION’S Saving Grace
I am trying to get all of The Fall’s releases, but it is quite the task, and I have only two so far. I have not listened to this yet, but I am sure it is good. And Spin magazine ranked it at number 46 of 100 for best albums from 1985 to 2005, so there you go.

This track certainly sounds good…

Charlie Parker – Bebop & Bird
In my quest to sound more sophisticated when talking about my music likes, I have been amassing many jazz albums over the last year or so. I have not listened to this yet though.

Here is a sample…

Public Enemy – Beats and Places
Public Enemy, along with the Beastie Boys are my fave rap bands, although both are quite different. This contains B-sides, rarities, live performances, and other such songs. Not essential listening, but there are a few good tracks and there is also a DVD that I have not checked out yet.

Bailterspace – Vortura
Another band that I want to collect the whole discography of. Not listened to this yet either. I like to save stuff for later, kind of like those people who like to save a good stogy and finally smoke it some day for a special occasion. Finding something in my music collection to listen to for the first time, months or years after adding it is most pleasing.

Superchunk – incidental music 1991-95
Yet another band I am working through, and I am almost there. Good stuff of course, and there are covers from The Verlaines and The Chills.

That is all for the Second Spin haul.

The Beatles – Another The Beatles Story, Vol.2 1964-1966
This is the second CD in this series that I got from Book Off. It’s The Beatles, so nuff’ said.

Harry Connick, Jr – Blue Light
I was listening to crooners like Franky, Bobby Darin, and Dean Martin recently, and also heard a Harry Connick Jr song. I thought it was good, and I remembered seeing this album at Mandai pretty cheap, so I got it. Not listened to this either yet.

Rob Zombie – The Sinister Urge
I got this at Book Off pretty cheap. A few songs on this are familiar, so I thought it might be worthwhile checking out. Yet to listen to it, perhaps next year.

Ian Brown – Music of the Spheres
And lastly, a purchase I made less than two hours ago. James, Hana, and I went to Book Off before going to McD’s to lament the last day of the school hols. Hana bought a couple of comics, and I got this. Needless to say I have not listened to it yet.

Album count 2016: 67

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