Wellington Swap Meet finds

We went to the annual Wellington Swap Meet last Sunday, where many a bargain of junk can be found, as well as watching farm dogs compete in the jumping competition.

Along with loads of old men rummaging through old tools and looking at steam engines it’s a good place to find records for a buck or two (and a nice butter dish Ana found). Records wise the find of the day was Tampa Red: Bottleneck Guitar 1928 – 1937, a compilation from a record label called Yahoo based in NYC featuring Mr Tampa Red, an influential blues guitarist, who inspired people like Muddy Waters. Unfortunately he became an alcoholic after his wife died in 1953 and died destitute in 1977.
Choc-o-Block, an 80s compilation of various tunes, nothing too great on here (Boney M and Jean-Michel Jarre being the exceptions) I got this for the cover os a lady chomping down on some chocolate.
Rod Stewart: Atlantic Crossing, I couldn’t resist this album with tacky artwork and a drunk looking Rod in the gatefold. It has one of his biggest hits Sailing on it.
Kiss: Unmasked – Funny comic book style cover about Kiss getting hassled by paparazzi, they take off their masks to reveal… the same made-up faces they already have!
Nilsson: Portrait of Nilsson – A greatest hits album with a terrible painting of Harry on the cover, has some tune called Jesus Christ You’re Tall on it, worth it for that song alone.
Billy Bragg: Workers Playtime – Even though this is slightly warped (see below) it’s still playable, and is by far the most recent of this bunch of vinyls. And a bit of a classic for Billy Bragg too.
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night – I didn’t know about this album, from 1973 (a fine year), this is a covers record of old show tunes, nothing too spectacular.
The Beach Boys: Good Vibrations – A pretty good Beach Boys compilation this, Heroes and Villains, Good Vibrations and an extended version of Barbra Ann where they ad-lib and fool around at the end.
Abba: Arrival – Another gatefold gem, excellent cover artwork of Abba in their helicopter. I found the deluxe CD version of this a while back and I actually think I already have this on vinyl too.
Unfortunately because it was blazing hot and sunny a couple of records were warped, so pretty much useless, so in the bin went Music from Star Wars and Paul McCartney – All the Best, which was only half the best as it was also missing one of its LPs.

Album Count 2016: 45

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