I decided recently it was time I watched a The Beatles film, I had been meaning to for some time.

Right from the outset this was pretty silly stuff, quite cringe worthy actually. The Goons were an influence apparently.

The Beatles themselves though were funny, and apon reading Wikipedia I found that their love of marijuana at the time was one of the reasons:

“We showed up a bit stoned, smiled a lot and hoped we’d get through it. We giggled a lot. I remember one time at Cliveden (Lord Astor’s place, where the Christine Keeler/Profumo scandal went on); we were filming the Buckingham Palace scene where we were all supposed to have our hands up. It was after lunch, which was fatal because someone might have brought out a glass of wine as well. We were all a bit merry and all had our backs to the camera and the giggles set in. All we had to do was turn around and look amazed, or something. But every time we’d turn round to the camera there were tears streaming down our faces. It’s OK to get the giggles anywhere else but in films, because the technicians get pissed off with you. They think, ‘They’re not very professional.’ Then you start thinking, ‘This isn’t very professional – but we’re having a great laugh.'”

— Paul McCartney

It is good to watch though just as a kind of time capsule, to see what John, Paul, George, and Ringo were like in 1965, right in the middle of Beatlemania. They seemed to be a very happy bunch of chaps, enjoying their success and having fun.

I will watch A Hard Day’s Night next.

Date watched: April 3rd
Score: 6/10
Film count 2016: 64

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