Sharknado 2: The Second One

I just had to watch this after watching the first one yesterday.

And if anything, this one was better, although the first one already has a special place in my heart.

It starts off with Steve Sanders and his ex-wife on a plane bound for New York for a book signing. You see, she wrote a book called “How to Survive a Sharknado”. The fun begins on the flight and ends up in New York city. I won’t go into details, but I do have a few screen grabs.

This film had a lot of cameos, and the first was Robert Hayes playing the pilot. Brillo!


Next was Kelly Osbourne as a flight attendant who was killed by a shark flying down the aisle…



The sharky that bit her head off…


In New York Steve starts to warn everybody that New York is soon to be in big poop as there are sharknadoes heading it’s way. This hipster-cop is sceptical at first…


Steve and crew need a taxi, and the driver of course is Judd Hirsh…


Throughout the film we go to weather forecasts on the TV station…


Twisters over Manhattan…


One of the main characters in this was played by Mark McGrath, lead singer of Sugar Ray. He did quite a good job actually. Stevo on the left, Marko on the right…


Flaming sharks falling from the sky!


After giving a pep talk to New York city, Steve prepares for the final battle. But first he swiftly deals with a shark coming at him. The best scene in the film…


After dealing with the final and biggest sharknado, Steve is exploded off a tall building and flies through the sky. He chances apon his trusty chainsaw flying by, grabs it, yells, and charges at a shark coming right at him…


and rips right through it…


He spits out a bit of shark, then continues his sky shark rampage…


Still falling to the ground he ditches the chainsaw, and grabs a handy chain flying by. He then lasooes a shark and rides it Slim Pickens style…


There is a bit more after that but I will not reveal any more, just watch it.

Brillo stuff!

Date watched: March 22nd
Good-bad score: 10/10
Film count 2016: 53

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