This is a film I was looking for in the DVD rental place last time, I had been wanting to see this purely because of the title. It was not there, but I found it on Hulu Plus in the recently added section.

It was as bad as expected, but in a good way, and that seemed to be the intent.

Steve Sanders. a.k.a. Ian Zeiring from Beverley Hills 90210 was in this, and he did not look 49 years old! What a guy! John Heard was also in this as a drunk regular customer of Steve’s bar.

The acting and dialogue was both terrible and entertaining, all on purpose of course. Here is a scene which amused me:

Steve Sanders has just saved a dog from a car in rising waters with sharks swimming in. George is played by John Heard, and he is still in the water:
Steve: Come on George.
Everyone: George! Come on George!
George: Oh crap! Ouch! Get off of me! (acting as if a puppy dog is biting him, he then dies a horrible death, eaten by a shark).
Everyone looks on in horror, then Steve steels up, forgetting what just happened and continues…
Steve: It’s not gonna end. The flood channels, the storm drains, the sewers. It’s not gonna stop at the coast. They’re going to swim everywhere. Come on get in the car.

The weather changed pretty quickly in this film, in one shot there would be a terrible storm, and in the next there would be beautiful blue sky. The cameraman tried to make the blue sky shots look darker by dialling down the exposure a bit, nice trick but it doesn’t fool anyone. No matter, it is all part of the fun.

In another scene Steve decides he has to get to Beverley Hills, of course, and save his family even though it is a fair way from the ocean, and in the hills. But Steve knows what sharks can do, and gets there just in time. Sharks pour out of the storm drains nearby and get into the pool, and the house starts to flood for unknown reasons. Waters rise and the sharks get into the house and kill Steve’s ex-wife’s evil new boyfriend, the water is red with his blood and body parts. They all get out of there and pile into the Steve wagon and drive down bone-dry streets with the house completely collapsing behind them (the house next door was fine).

The sharknadoes appear in the final scenes, three of them whirling hundreds of growling sharks around. The team decides they have to get to the airport to save Steve’s son, who is a pilot guy. They come up with a plan to destroy the sharknadoes by dropping home-made bombs into them from a helicopter piloted by Steve Jr. So he flies up to the sharknadoes, right up next to them, and the waitress from Steve’s bar drops the bombs into them, instantly neutralising them. Unfortunately the last bomb failed and she fell out of the helicopter right into the mouth of a shark flying by! Dang! Later on Steve grabs a bomb, gets into a Hummer that they borrowed after the Steve wagon blew up, drives in near the last sharknado and hiffs the bomb into it, destroying it. But sharks start to fall from the sky, so he grabs a handy chainsaw and starts slicing and dicing, and makes a heroic dive at a large shark coming straight at him, flying chainsaw-first right into it’s mouth. The shark lands on the ground and we see Steve chainsawing his way out of the shark. He gets out and then reaches back into the shark, pulling out the waitress who recovers, and all is good.

The good news is that there are sequels.

Date watched: March 21st
Bad-good score: 8/10
Film count 2016: 52

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