The Complete Beatles Songs

This is a total geek out book, every Beatles tune (including a few outtakes from the Anthology series) dissected to find out it’s meaning and why and how it was written, and for the first time lyrics are included, which is great as I now know Lennon was singing ’Shoot shoot shoot’ not ‘shoop shoop shoop’ at the start of Come Together.

I skipped the first few records as not too interested in how they came up with the words to such tunes such as Love Me Do, Please Please Me etc, it’s the later stuff which is interesting. John was into political angry tunes, Paul wrote the soppy tunes, George wrote about money and the lack of it as well as moaning about not being able to have his tunes on the albums and Ringo only wrote two tunes, the brilliant Octopus’s Garden (which came to him on Peter Sellars yacht) and the jaunty Don’t Pass Me By.

Years ago I read another similar book which compiled all the songs and where and when they recorded them, listing instruments used, which studio etc, which again was a total geek out.

2016 read number: 2

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