Book Off Mission

Today we went off to Ueda city which is an hour or so drive from here. I wanted to go to a mall there to get some Death Sauce because I am running dangerously low. It is sometimes available here, but not always, but there is a great shop in Ueda in a mall which always has it. I also got some Skippy Peanut Butter (smooth, I don’t like the crunchy stuff), and some Vegemite, both of which I cannot get here. Anyway, on the way home we visited a couple of Book Offs that we have never been to before, and I got a decent haul of musical goodness. Nagano city by the way does not have any shopping malls as the city officials are against having them, they are under pressure from central city businesses to not allow them, but that is another story. Not that I like malls particularly.

At the first Book Off I got Faith No More’s Angel Dust album, which I am listening to right now. I had this years ago.

A band I started getting into recently is Prong, and I found their Rude Awakening album cheapies, so snapped it up.

Pavement’s Brighten the Corners. Yep.

My Chemical Romance are a band I have been into despite my better judgement. They were however quite a good band. I found their hard to find second-hand The Black Parade album.

And at the second Book Off we went to I found System of a Down’s Toxicity album, which is another band that is hard to find second hand.

All of the above cost roughly the same as a six-pack of Budweiser beers here (cheaper than the domestic beers), but has more entertainment value on the whole. Money well spent.

Album count 2016: 54

Damn good song this one…

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