Musical things

It has been a good couple of weeks for new music gathering.

Last week I bought locally:
The Beatles’ Another The Beatles Story Vol.3 1966-1967 Japanese CD
Prince’s 3121
Decca presents Art Tatum
Johnny Cash – Ride This Train (new from Amazon)

All good stuff.

On Tuesday a package arrived from my new fave source for online music purchases, Second Spin, which is in Kentucky, the U.S.A. Actually this was the second attempt at getting this order, I made an order in early December but it did not arrive. So, I told them so and they very nicely apologised, sent what they could from the order, and refunded me for the stuff they did not have.

Here is the original order:

Superchunk ~ Here’s to Shutting Up
Yellowcard ~ Lift a Sail
DJ Food ~ Refried Food
Up, Bustle and Out ~ Light ‘Em Up, Blow ‘Em Out
The Lemonheads ~ It’s a Shame About Ray Used
Moby ~ I Like to Score
Green Day ~ Bullet in a Bible

Only the Up, Bustle and Out and DJ Food were not able to be replaced. Quite chuffed with all that I did get although I have yet to listen to Superchunk, but it is guaranteed goodness.

Also this week I had this urge to get something by Simple Minds, no idea why. I found a best of on Amazon used for just 1 yen (plus 350 yen postage) and it arrived today. Only their well known hits are any good, the rest are pure filler. And today I got P.O.D.’s Payable on Death album.

I also downloaded a couple of albums by Future (from free music sites). I have no idea what he is singing about, it is all in ghetto gangsta lingo, but it sure is funny. I don’t include free stuff in my album count though, only stuff that I actually buy.

Album count 2016: 49

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