Terminator: Genisys

I went off to Tsutaya yesterday to get some decent DVDs to watch, I needed to get Mad Max as well as some other good stuff. Tsutaya is the biggest DVD rental place around these parts. It has a huge selection of DVDs, and is also a bookshop and music CD place, so there is plenty to do there.

Tsutaya has a deal where you can get five rental DVDs for 1000 yen, thus saving about 300 yen or so, so I always go for that when I go there. So along with Mad Max and three others I got this film, even though I had read it was not that good. I was curious to see how an aging Arnie can still play a Terminator.

I thought though that the reviews I read for this film were just a bit harsh. The story was a bit muddled, especially the whole past and future time-line thing, but this is an Arnie film, it matters not. It had enough implausible action and nifty CGI to keep it interesting. There are so many plot holes in this that you give up on them after a while and just try to enjoy the pretty pictures. The writers though really could have done a better job.

Arnie of course had to say “I’ll be back”, but did not have many other one-liners. There were a few laughs though, especially Arnie’s smile.

So, it is not as bad as some reviewers make it out to be, they just need to chill out a bit. This is, after all, an Arnie film, not the new Cohen Brothers.

This film is apparently the first in a trilogy, maybe not a good idea, but it will continue to make millions and give Arnie something to do.

Date watched: March 6th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 41

This points out the plot holes nicely…

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