Library CDs

Fleetwood Mac: Tusk – I have the Mac’s best known record Rumours (along with millions of other people), this is the follow up, Tusk (great title for a record plus the cover has a dog going for someone’s leg). Tusk the song is the best thing on here, everything else is pretty MOR. The liner notes say ‘they wanted to make a record like the punks of the day were doing (this was recorded in 79), stating they liked the punk attitude of doing things with no money etc. So they went and spent $1 million making this. Bozo’s.
Normie Rowe: Frenzy! The 50th Anniversary Collection – This is some Aussie guy who was ‘famous’ in the sixties for a few minutes. It’s a nicely packaged CD, the tunes are very standard stuff though. He is still going, has been on telly and telly adverts.
Gene Krupa: Drum Boogie – Excellent brum brum brumming from Gene.
Garbage: Bleed Like Me – This is record number four from these guys/girl. They actually ‘split up’ for a bit during the making of it, and then went on hiatus after it was released. But they are back together of course and even have a record number seven coming out in May.

Album Count 2016: 34

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