Frank Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All

Don’t let the naff title put you off, this is quite an interesting two part four hour epic about old blue eyes. Told in his own words and other people’s own words. No talking heads of celebrities saying how great he was blah blah blah, just all archival footage and his tunes. Sometimes you don’t know who is talking but that doesn’t matter, he was quite an interesting guy, and lived life at a hundred miles an hour. Some great footage of his ratpack days with Dean and Sammy (had no idea Sammy lost an eye in a car accident!), they treated Sammy like crap on stage, even though Frank was totally against segregation they did some pretty racist jokes about him.

Bizarrely him and his first wife Nancy called their two children Frankie and Nancy. Confusing at dinner times I expect. Also had no idea he married Mia Farrow, split up with her because she was filming Rosemary’s Baby and wouldn’t leave that film to star in his.

Date watched: Finished on the 28th February 2016. Took a few days to get through.
Score: 8/10
Movie count: 10

Here is Frank and that boozer Dean:

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