Weekly vinyls

So I’ve decided to give up spending around $9 a day on coffee and save that money to slowly buy the bookshop guys second hand record collection. So I’ll be able to spend roughly $20 every Wednesday on records!

Last week I got:

Steppenwolf: 16 Greatest Hits – Unfortunately this greatest hits is a bit on the scratched side, so the classic Born to be Wild skips all over the show, as well as some other tracks, so stink to that. I was looking forward to rocking out to this, alas, the perils of second-hand vinyl.

Fats Domino: Live in New York – Luckily Fats is not scratched, released in 1968 this is from two concerts he did in New York’s Central Park, My Blue Heaven is on here of course and bizarrely each side finishes with studio recordings. He can’t have played enough live tunes to fill the LP.

Album Count 2016: 30

Nice afro guitar guy!

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