New Musical Entries

A few CD purchases to catch up on here.

Bill Evans’ “Blue in Green” 10 CD box set – This was el cheapo on Amazon new, so being somewhat of a Bill fan I bought it. There are actually only three albums from Bill himself, the rest are collaborations or albums he played on. Some are good, like the Mingus and Miles Davis albums (Kind of Blue, already have that dangit), but the others are box set filler. Nice box though.

Puffy’s “SoloSolo” album – I have been going through the Puffy catalogue as their stuff is pretty cheap second hand, they burned out a few years ago and Japanese music listeners very quickly move onto the next thing. Puffy though are better than most manufactured J-Pop groups (can’t really call them bands, that does not seem right. People here still say the word “group”, and I explained to my university class one day that it is not hip, you have to say “band”. I also introduced them to “horns-up” when posing for photos, instead of the over-used “peace” as they automatically do in photos here. Probably won’t catch on.). So win for me, cheap Japanese music. I haven’t listened to this much, but what I have heard sounds a bit disappointing.

Beat Crusaders’ “Tsujiayano” – Another fave Japanese poop band that doesn’t sell well used. This is a single with four tracks.

Sex Pistols’ “Filthy Lucre Live” – Pretty much what you would expect.

Basement Jaxx’s “Kish Kash” – Standard stuff. They have only one really good album in my opinion, the rest are OK but there are no more “Where’s Your Head At?” kind of songs.

Chuck Berry’s “50 Greatest Rock & Roll Hits” – Well, this is a weird release. First of all it does not have fifty songs, it has twenty-eight! This is what the cover looks like, which turns out to be a Japanese release (hence the weird cover). But the inlay says it is this, which is an American release. It seems as though the guy in charge of working on the cover was a bit drunk and thought it would be a hoot to mix up the covers. Good music though, I have never really had a good listen to Chuckers, but this is dang good stuff.

Blur’s “Present the Special Collectors Edition” – This is a Japan-only release (hence the weird title) with B-sides, and the last track is a bunch of groupies singing “Bank Holiday” at Narita airport. On the cover it says “Satisfaction guaranteed” and “NEW!!!!!”. Must be good, and new. Here is the front cover, and here is the back cover. The coupon which is repeated on the inlay does not have an address to go with it. Also on the inlay is an advertisement for a porcelain figure of Henvy VIII, and it has a “Reservation Form” you can fill out, also with no address. There is also some other weird stuff. Another drunk album cover artist taking the whole “Special Collectors Edition” thing just a bit too far.

Album count 2016: 36

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