Event Horizon

A few posts back I mentioned that it was getting harder to find good films on Hulu Plus. Well, after watching this film I have decided enough is enough, and after finishing off season five of The Walking Dead, I will switch to Netflix.

So this was pretty bad. By the end of the film I realised just how important the director is, and this guy was no good. The actors were wooden and had terrible lines, and while Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill are not the best in the business, they are not as bad as they seemed in this.

For most of the film I was thinking that the ending was going to be thought-provoking and mysterious because it was dealing with black holes. But no, it just ended up being a “kill off all but two characters one-by-one in bloody and violent ways”.

Perhaps I should start going back to the DVD rental place and skip online subscriptions altogether.

Date watched: February 19th
Score: 3/10
Film count 2016: 31

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