Op-shop CDs

The Allman Brothers Band: Brothers and Sisters – an excellent find, deluxe reissue of the Allman Brothers 4th album, contains their big hit Jessica and includes a bonus disc of rehearsals and jams. This band were great at jamming. Tops.

The Crow: City of Angels – Is this the sequel to the Crow movie? No idea. Not seen the movie but forked out a buck for this, Hole, White Zombie (with a hilarious cover of I’m Your Boogieman), PJ Harvey and Iggy Pop (blistering live version of I Wanna Be Your Dog) are the pick of the bunch. Iggy is in the movie too it seems.

Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants – Recorded way back in 1954 and 56 this has 5 top tunes featuring Miles along with Monk, Coltrane and Milt Jackson (he plays ‘vibes’) among others. Wowee zowee.

Jazz Greats: Jelly Roll Morton – Ye old time jazz, with tunes such as Black Bottom Stomp, Burnin’ the Iceberg, Wolverine Blues and Grandpa’s Spells to boogie on down to.

Feel the House Beat – Risky spending of my $1 on this compilation. Not-so-classic stuff from 1991, not sure when I’d ever listen to this (apart from now) but it’s a bit of music history I guess. Techtronic, Richie Rich, Janet Jackson, Young MC (probably the best tune on here) and the actual classic Dub Be Good To Me by Beats International feature.

Album Count 2016: 28

Great video:

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