I decided to continue my horror film watching spree, and purely at random I chose this film on Hulu Plus.

It started off fine with a nice shot of the crime scene as a freeze frame, but with the camera moving around looking at all of the grisly bits. They must have blown most of their budget in this scene.

The story is basically a found-footage horror flick, about two young women (and annoying) going on a bus road trip to Vegas to seek fame. One of them was an aspiring actress, and the other a documentary director making a “before they were famous” film. On the bus were several other people who were of course the victims, including one of the women’s boyfriend. The bus has an accident and everyone goes to an abandoned gas station… the scene of the crime we saw in the intro. There were also cut scenes of detectives later looking at video taken at the scene by the victims on their cameras, and trying to figure out whodunnit.

Unfortunately the story, dialogue, some of the acting, and directing is pretty bad stuff. The director loved panning the camera in a 360 degree path around the detectives, in some shots it was so fast and tight that I felt dizzy.

The surprise ending was far from original, it was basically a “The Usual Suspects” rip-off, but at least it improved the film a bit. Just so you know (you don’t want to see this), the two women were in fact the murderers, their plan all along was to get famous by making a snuff film, they staged the whole thing and got away with it.

The villain (the two women) was a large person (obviously not one of the actresses) wearing a welder’s mask and clothing, and killed the victims with a welding torch. This character has potential as a new Jason Vorhees, or Michael Myers, and if the film was done right could have spawned several bad sequels and “Bernie the Blow-torch Killer” (I made that name up) could have gone down in horror history. The general rule is though that the first film has to be half decent, then the sequels suck, but this film was not really half-decent.

It isn’t a terrible film, but it could have been a lot better.

Date watched: February 8th
Score: 4/10
Film count 2016: 25

The nifty opening scene is in the trailer below…

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