The Innkeepers

This film has been sitting in my to watch list for quite some time. I had no idea what it was about before watching it, I didn’t even know it was a horror/suspense film.

It started off very slow and continued like that for more than two-thirds of the hour and a half or so. If it wasn’t for the superb acting and light humour it would have been boring. Towards the end though things took a different turn, it lost the humour completely and turned all serious and scary and things.

This was set in an actual old-timey hotel in Connecticut, and is supposed to have actual old-timey ghosts, but all old hotels do don’t they?

If it wasn’t for the great acting by the two main characters, and the nice old-timey hotel then this would not be worth watching. It is also worth watching just for the very end shot. Look it up on the interwebs after, it is pretty good once you figure it out.

Date watched: February 7th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 24

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