Evil Dead (2013)

I wasn’t really looking forward to this, I knew it couldn’t live up to the original.

This was produced by Sam, Bruce, and Robert Tapert, all from the first film of course, and was directed by some dude I have never heard of. But they decided to strip out all of the humour and replace it with a lot more blood and gore and icky scenes, such as the evil chick slowly slicing here tongue in half with a cutter knife.

This was filmed outside of Auckland, and hardly used CGI which is quite impressive as some scenes certainly looked as though they must have been computer generated.

Sequels are on the way, not so interested in those. I am very interested in the Ash vs Evil Dead TV series, it looks as if it might be very good.

And I have come to the conclusion that Bruce Campbell is my all-time fave actor, he is just so much fun to watch. Christopher Walken comes in a close second. Robert DeNiro used to be on top of my list, but he lost the plot years ago, and from I have read about him in real life he is a bit of an a-hole.

Date watched: February 6th
Score: 5/10
Film count 2016: 23

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