They Built to Spill Giants

A Users Guide to They Might Be Giants – Couldn’t resist forking out $1 for this TMBG compilation CD. I already have all the tunes but hey ho, always good to have them again.

Built to Spill: Untethered Moon – Latest album from these chaps from Boise, Idaho, going since 1992 this is album number eight. So not that prolific but their records are tops. The singer originally was going to have completely new musicians every record, I think that lasted only for the first two or three records. They are kind of like Dinosaur Jr, quite poppy sometimes and do like a good jam (some songs are 8 minutes plus). I saw them live in London, and the last song they played went into a feedback jam, which lasted ages, so long in fact we had to cheer loudly and start clapping to get them to stop. This record gets extra points for having cats on the cover.

Album Count 2016: 18

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