The Crazies

This is a pretty bad 1973 film by George A. Romero, quite terrible in fact.

The story is kind of OK, but the rest of it was absolute poops. The acting was amateur, the directing messed up, and the editing quite bizarre at times. There were also weird scenes which made no sense, like a scene where soldiers were going through a house to get the people out and herd them out, and we see a soldier decide to pilfer a fishing pole… what in heck was that put in for?

The film was about a nasty virus that had been released by accident on a small town. The army was brought in to close off the area and get everyone into a high school. For some reason the heroes of the story decided the army were baddies and decided to shoot them, virus or not the army were bad. So they killed these poor soldiers who were just trying to do their job, and they killed them with extreme violence when possible. Weird.

I had to watch this in two parts, at 1 hour, 45 minutes it was too much to take in one go.

Date watched: January 21st and 22nd
Score: 0/ 10
Film count 2016: 12

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