My first op-shop vinyl purchases of the year, it’s been very slim pickings of late so was slightly excited at these $1 bargains, first off is Willie Nelson with his 1985 LP Half Nelson, the other half being collaborators such as Merle Haggard, Ray Charles, Julio Iglesias, Hank Williams and even Neil Young. This being Dubbo most LPs for sale are country orientated so a Glen Campbell compilation LP made it’s way into my collection too, worth it for Rhinestone Cowboy. Rockabilly Rebels is another compilation with Shakin’ Stevens, Daddy Cool, Suzi Quatro, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jerry Lee Lewis and Buddy Holly amongst others. But the best find was Mega Commercials, an Aussie compilation of original tunes used in TV commercials, so we have Elvis selling Colgate Blue Minty Gel, Otis Redding, Eddie Cochran Percy Sledge sell Jeans, while Lou Reed sells autos and good old Donovan sells soft drink with his tune Mellow Yellow.

Album Count 2016: 5

Here’s the brillo track from Mega Commercials album Duke of Earl being mangled:

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