It Follows

I do like a good horror film and this is a corker, it’s actually not that horrific but it’s well creepy in places and is a cool idea. Plus it’s very well shot, lots of wide angle, slow zooms and 360 shots, it feels like it’s set in the 80s (as a homage to the 80s horror films I think) even though it’s present day. Even the music is 80s, electronical stuff done by some guy who goes by the name DisasterPeace (what a crappy moniker that is).

Set in Detroit (that town has definitely seen better days) the premise does sound a little naff at first but it’s handled very well and makes for aces creepy watching.

The poster is brillo.

Date watched: 16th January 2016
Score: 8.5/10
Movie count: 3

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