So my first vinyl purchase of 2016 was supposed to be Built to Spill’s latest album, Untethered Moon, but (un)fortunately I was delivered a 2011 remaster of Paul McCartney’s solo debut. I was told to ‘dispose’ of this and await my Built to Spill record which has been re-shipped. So I have disposed this into my record collection. Score!

It’s a very nice package, two 180gm discs (one a bonus disc of live and unreleased recordings), gatefold sleeve and download link to all the tunes.

Recorded during The Beatles break-up most of the tunes have an unfinished quality to them, most were recorded at home as Paul was having a nervous breakdown. He played all the instruments himself, I think it’s pretty good actually, Maybe I’m Amazed is robbers the most famous track on here, the bonus disc has another version plus a live version of it too.

The cover is great, cherries on a table. Really quite odd.

So my mission to buy one new vinyl LP a month of new music (anything from 2014 to now) has not quite started to plan but this is a nice bonus.

Album Count 2016: 1

“Linda and I both feel strongly about animal rights. In fact, if you play Maybe I’m Amazed backwards, you’ll hear a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup.”

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