She’s a Punk Rocker

I came across this on YouTube and thought it might be worth a watch. I find the punker days of the late 70’s fascinating.

The first thing that hit you when watching this is the graphics and special effects they used throughout the entire thing. Just watch the first 30 seconds of it, that is what it is like for the whole time. It was jarring at times. They seemed to think the colours of the Sex Pistols album was the way to go, shocking pinks and yellows, as well as superimposing shots over other shots, then inverting the colours or any other punky process they could think of.

But, the documentary part of it was not bad, it told the story of punk from the perspective of women which I have not seen done before.

I just read that Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex died in 2011 from cancer, there were a few interviews with her in this. They also talked with Eve Libertine, Gaye Advert, Gee Voucher, Vi Subversa (vise versa, nifty name) and a few other of the prominent female punkers.

So interesting stuff, but it could have been a bit less garish.

Date watched: January 10th
Score: 7/10
Film count 2016: 6

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