Star Trek VIII: First Contact

Hulu+ recently added all of the Star Trek films, so I thought I would go through the ones I have not seen yet.

This is the film after Star Trek: Generations, the final film with any of the original cast. So all of the characters are from The Next Generation, a series I really got into.

This felt more like a made-for-TV film rather than a feature film, the sets looked pretty cheap, as did the special effects and CGI. But, this was made in 1996, maybe in those days it was cutting edge stuff.

There were a few funny jokes in it though, and it was mildly entertaining, so was not too bad overall. I had heard of The Borg before but had no idea what they were, so this film set things straight.

Nothing great, but I will continue watching the film series.

Date watched: January 2nd
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2016: 3

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