Sarah Bethe Nelson: Fast Moving Clouds

Final album for 2015 is a new one, and someone I had never heard of before I listened to my ‘Pixies’ radio station via iTunes at work. I pretty much always have the headphones on at work to drown out my workmates who spend ages on the phone nattering, so I have a few radio stations based on artists on my it, Clash, BAD, Magazine, Television, George and John amongst others.

So it was while listening to Pixies radio Sarah popped up, and I thought, ooo this is good. So I ordered the CD online, and it is good, and a worthy end to the year. I don’t know much about her, the CD has ace cover artwork.

Next year I’m going to include my vinyl purchases in this list, as I’m going to buy more new vinyl, maybe starting with The Chills new record.

Album count 2015: 156

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