Final CDs of the Year

I have been rather busy buying CDs over the last couple of weeks, most of them purchased at my usual haunts.

Kojima, Psychonation – this is a Japanese ska/punk band I like, I have another album of theirs which I think is awfully decent. But, I just realised I have not listened to this yet.

Nirvana, Bleach Sessions – I found this at Book Off and had to have it. It has a nice cover, and it is their early stuff so is the goods.

Pennywise, About Time album – Not a big fan of Pennywise, but it is listenable hardcore/punk stuff.

Rollins Band, The End of Silence – I was a bit apprehensive about getting this, Henry Rollins rants a bit. And he certainly does on this, it gets a bit much quickly. The first song is good, the rest are angry shout fests about people or things he doesn’t like.

The Rakes, Capture/Release – I bought this because the cover looked good, usually a good way to choose good new music. And my theory holds true, this is good British alternative sounding stuff.

The Suicide Machines, Destruction by Definition – I bought a CD by this band a few months ago, and thought it was nothing special. So I did the logical thing and bought another CD, just to see if they get any better. Not much, but it is OK.

The Beach Boys, All Summer Long – The sixth Beach Boys album don’t you know.

Puffy, Jet CD – I rented this album years and years ago, and in those days ripping Cds to a HDD was unthinkable (I think it was 1999 or so). So I copied it to an MD disc (kind of a cross between a mini CD and a floppy disc), and really got into it. My MD player is gathering dust now, you can’t buy those anymore, never really caught on. Good memories return with the purchase of this soon-to-be-out-of-date CD medium.

The Smiths, Louder Than Bombs compilation album – This was el cheapo so I snapped it up, I have been wanting to listen to The Smiths for a while now. Pretty good too.

They might Be Giants, Severe Tire Damage – And the last CD of the year is this one. I went to a used CD/vinyl shop in the central city that I used to go to every now and then, the last time was probably at least 10 years ago. They have a lot of good but slightly pricey stuff there, but there is some real good stuff to choose from. It is kind of like Galaxy Records, only not as hip as the guys behind the counter are old and play some unhip sounds. There were a few great bootlegs there including a Nirvana CD of their first live gig which I really wanted, but it was a bit much. There were also lots of CDs you can’t find elsewhere, so I must go back with a fistful of cash and blow it all on cool stuff. This TMBG CD though was cheap in comparison, so it was mine.

Album count 2015: 101

Not from the album I bought, but here is Kojima…

And here is the track listing for the Kojima album…


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