A Life at Stake/The Hoodlum

I came across a couple of film noir flicks on YouTube, so watched them back to back.

The first was A Life at Stake (1954) which had a chap named Keith Andes who was a very busy chap in the day, and a 29 year old Angela Landsbury (she is 90 now, cripes!). Pretty good stuff with lots of intrigue and dastardly doings. It ran for one hour, fifteen minutes.

The second was The Hoodlum (1951) with a guy named Lawrence Tierney who played a lot of bad guy types, and was in Born to Kill which I must see. His brother played his brother in the film. Good stuff too, more intrigue and thug-life goings on. This one was just over one hour long, and actually I felt the length of both of these films was perfect, not like the over-bloated films of today, they went straight into the story and didn’t muck about.

Date watched: December 29th
Scores: 7.5/10 for both
Film count 2015: 169

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