Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It’s not often a film lives up to and surpasses the hype surrounding it, but I think this does, probably because I’m a fan, the sense of relief that they didn’t stuff it up like the prequels is good enough. From the opening intro crawl with no mention of taxations or embargoes but just plain simple ‘this guy is missing, let’s send this guy to find him’ story to the lack of CGI (yay!) it’s just good fun, and unlike the prequels, quite funny.

Fans at the openingI went to the first screening of this with all the other nerds in Dubbo, made it a pretty fun experience, loads of Jedi’s and even Han Solo in carbonite turned up.

It’s a pity the chemistry between Han and Leia has pretty much fizzed though, I’m guessing because Carrie Fisher has forgotten how to act.

Date watched: 17th December 2015
Score: 9/10
Movie count: 73

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