The Expendables 2

I came across this on Hulu+ and thought it would be good to see a dumb action film again, and dumb this indeed was.

Sylvester’s trademark exploding heads were aplenty in this, along with blood-spurting explosions when people were hit in various ways. They also turned up the gun sounds to 11 for the Expendables, the rent-a-bad-guys had less powerful sounding weapons.

They re-used every one-liner they could milk, especially Arnie, some of them were almost witty, but not. Dolph Lungren’s character was funny, he played a dude who had studied chemical engineering at university (which Dolph actually did), but was a bit of a dunderhead due to some big knock on the head or something. There was another character who belonged to Sylvester’s Expendables team but did not say a single thing until half way through the film, the other characters didn’t even acknowledge his existence until those first words, weird.

The story was dead simple: stop Jean Claude van Damme, because he is a smart-ass with nukes. He still has some moves that guy. Sylvester and Arnie are looking quite geriatric.

The Chuckers was in this. He cames across as a really mellow, soft spoken guy, and was the highlight of the whole film even though he was in only a few scenes.

I’ll watch Expendables 3 next, or perhaps a Fellini film.

Date watched: December 19th
Dumb action score: 9/10
Actual score: 5/10
Film count 2015: 161

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