Wesley Willis & Ella Fitzgerald

I found a used Wesley Willis album called Fabian Road Warrior on Amazon for 20 yen (plus 350 yen postage), and immediately snapped it up. It is more of the same Wesley Willis, funny stuff again. There were several songs where I thought “Haven’t I already listened to this song?”, turns out he reuses a lot of his fave beats. But it is OK, the guy had a few screws loose, and he can write a catchy tune. He sings about his fave bands a lot, with songs called Porno for Pyros, Silverchair, and Alanis Morrisette (my fave). There is also a song about himself. Fun, but I don’t think I will be buying more stuff.

And tonight I downloaded 130 songs by Ella Fitzgerald for the princely sum of 600 yen (cheaper than a Big Mac set meal) from Amazon. I was using 8 Tracks today and came across a fab song called Miss Otis Regrets. There are lots of familiar tracks in the collection, Miss Otis Regrets is not on it unfortunately.

Album count 2015: 91

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