This is a well done documentary about MotoGP, and in particular it concentrates on the 2009 season because there was lots of drama in that season.

It also spends a lot of time on Valentino Rossi, and rightfully so as he is the Senna of MotoGP it would seem, although instead of being mysterious and spiritual he is just plain funny. He is also a true racer and would do anything to win, even getting back on the bike five weeks after shattering his shin bone.

There is a lot of great footage, the on-bike shots are great. It is narrated by Euan McGregor.

F1 seems so mundane and silly compared to MotoGP. The riders are flamboyant and funny, whereas F1 drivers are just sad-sacks. The racing is great too, lots and lots of that over-taking business. The riders are pretty much guaranteed to bust some bones several times in their career, very few though lose their lives. The have armour plating in their suits, as well as air-bags!

Good stuff. If only MotoGP was on TV here.

Date watched: December 17th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2015: 158

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