Lemonheads, Cake, Puffy, Beat Crusaders

I had a little spare time between classes a couple of weeks ago, so dropped into a Book Off for a quick perusal. I came out with the Lemonheads album Come On Feel The Lemonheads. It is easily the worst CD I have bought this year. Yucko. It didn’t set me back much though.

On another visit to Book Off with Hana last week I found Cake’s Comfort Eagle album, and snapped that up pretty darn quick. Jolly good stuff too.

And yesterday Hana wanted to buy a birthday present for her friend, so we went to a bookshop which just happened to have a DVD rental place next door (actually, I planned it all along), and it has a used CD section with ex-rental stuff. I found two CDs for the cheaper-than-a-can-of-Coke price of 90 yen each. They are both EPs with six songs each. The first was 59 by Puffy, a fave Japanese pop band of mine (they are no longer around unfortunately). The first song is Teen Titans Theme which is an American cartoon series (Puffy were based in the States for a while). I don’t really like that track, but the rest is pure Puffy.

The other EP called A PopCALYPSE NOW, is by another happy Japanese fave band called Beat Crusaders who only sing in English. It is kind of rocky-pop stuff, and they are relatively unheard of here, but I like them.

Album count 2015: 89

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