Fast & Furious 7

This is exactly what you would expect from this series, in fact it is probably the most over the top one yet.

Lots of improbable action, bananas car chases and crashes, stuff blowing up, fisticuffs galore, Jason Statham, girls in very short shorts, a bad guy with an attack helicopter, Vin Diesel telling people how important family is, Kurt Russel obviously in his element (it is good to see the Kurtster again, I like him), and a story that is really totally unimportant.

It is just good ‘ol plain fun to watch, but it is a real bummer knowing that at some point in the making of the film Paul Walker lost his life. They did a great patch-up job of adding him in using doubles or CG.

There is another film coming apparently, of course.

Date watched: December 11th
Action-O-Score: 8.5/10
Film count 2015: 156

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