More CDs

Kings of Leon: Mechanical Bull – More of the same old same toe-tapping stuff.

Split Enz: Spellbound – Double disc of the greatest hits, I have been getting into these guys recently, as well as Neil’s stuff, even listening to Crowded House a bit, who I didn’t care for that much back in the day of being a music snob.

Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires Of The City – So I got this as new on vinyl at an op-shop a while ago, and only just got around to un-shrink wrapping it and behold, there was also a CD as well as the vinyl. Sweet. Top stuff. I’m going to start adding my vinyl collection to these lists soon I think, my new turntable has a USB output so I can digitalise them, nifty.

Mojo Juju: Seeing Red Feeling Blue – I know Mojo’s Mum here in Dubbo, and have met Mojo a couple of times as well as seeing her live (also have three of her LPs signed!), she’s a jazz/rockabilly type. Good stuff.

The Phoenix Foundation: Give Up Your Dreams – Another new record, and a corker too. These guys just release great records.

Album count 2015: 122

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