I had seen that this film got good reviews so when I found it on Hulu+ I gave it a go, even though it is about baseball which doesn’t interest me much.

It was based on a true story about a baseball team called the Oakland Athletics and their Bad News Bears-style rise to baseball greatness, all because of Brad Pitt and his brainy sidekick, played by Jonah Hill.

Entertaining enough, but nothing overly exciting. Bradders was in full-on Oscars, Golden Globe, Palme d’Or, a Grammy or two, and any other big award he could think of. No luck there. The Denver Film Critics Society did give him a best actor award though, ’nuff said.

The highlight of this film though was Bradder’s daughter in the film who sang a song a couple of times, and she was absolutely bonkers good. See the video below.

Date watched: December 3rd
Score: 7/10
Film count 2015: 150

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