More CDs

The Kooks: Konk & Rak – This is the second album from this band from Brighton, released in 2008, it comes with a bonus album, called Rak. It’s pretty good stuff, all very standard but quite listenable.

The Sack: Moving Sideways – Hard to find any info about these dudes from Adelaide, this is OKish though.

My Morning Jacket: The Waterfall – These guys are my new favourite band, Jim James is the main dude, he has a nice solo album out too, but his band is aces.

The Shins: Port of Morrow – These guys are great, have three of their records now, the lead singer has an excellent singing voice. He is also the other half of the excellent Broken Bells.

LateNighttales: MGMT – Another excellent compilation, this time from the MGMT duo. Suicide, Velvets, Spacemen 3 and even The Chills classic Pink Frost!

Broken Bells: After the Disco – And here is the excellent Broken Bells, who I probably like a little more than the aforementioned Shins. Dangermouse is the other half.

JJ Cale: Strummin’ On The Porch…A Beer In Reach – Pretty good compilation of JJ, relaxing stuff.

Garbage: Version 2.0 – I’ve not listened to these grunge ts for a long time, and must say was pleasantly surprised to notice my foot tapping away to it all, tops.

Spoon: Kill the Moonlight – This is cracker, I have seen this in the op-shop for a while but was put off by the name (Spoon is a terrible name for a band), but heard one of their tracks on a compilation and it was ace so got this. And it’s ace.

Genesis: Nursery Cryme – This is from 1971, so Peter Gabriel is the singer not that godawful drummer. In fact it is the first album with the godawful drummer (but the bands third). Only 7 tracks on here, and all of them crap. This will be my one and only Genesis record (was $1 at op-shop).

Album count 2015: 104

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