The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

I was kind of dreading watching this after the first film which didn’t impress me much, and was too long.

This one was more of the same until the last hour or so when things picked up a bit. The dragon saved the day in this one, he was the best thing about the whole film.

Something that annoyed me was the excessive use of CG-generated sweeping camera shots, moving in an around large areas, it was just too fake and while it did work in one scene I remember, it was not necessary, and looked too much like a video game. Some of the CG itself was not all that good, it looked dated even though this is a new-ish film.

Then there was the usual garbled dialogue with talk about prophesies, “the chosen one”, Tharg the Impaler of Furry Little Creatures, and various other things I could not keep up with or care about. I guess the books are a lot worse, so can’t blame the film for that.

It was great to see the NZ scenery, but at times it was ruined by CG.

Peter Jackson himself admitting the whole series was a bit of a mess. Read about that here. After watching the video in that article I changed my mind about the film a bit, while it was not great it was not bad either, and after seeing what they went through to make this film it is amazing they were able to get it done.

Date watched: November 21st
Score: 6.5/10
Film count 2015: 145

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