And some more CDs

Triple J House Party, Vol. 3 (Mixed By KLP) – Another Triple J offering, Grimes, Royskopp, Lana Del Ray, La Roux and Kasabian are the only artists I recognise on this 2 CD set. And their tunes have been remixed to party like you’re in a house.

Richard Thompson: Watching the Dark – Got this at the library, 3 CD set spanning Rich’s career. I have a couple of nice Richard and Linda Thompson records from the 70s which are kind of nice in an English folk kind of way. So thought I’d give this a go. Not listened to the whole thing as yet.

Power Corruption & Lies Covered – New Order’s classic album covered by a bunch of people including not many I have heard of. In fact none. Good tunes so can’t go wrong though.

Mixmag presents the Mongo Hotline – More mixing tunes together etc, Mr Scruff, LTJ Bukem and Dillinger get mixed up…

World Party: Goodbye Jumbo – Wow, this was released in 1990, I remember it, was not a massive fan but it’s a bit fun innit? Contains the big hit Way Down Now.

Pharrell: Girl – Only a dollar at the op-shop, I was quite a fan of Pharrell after he joined with Daft Punk for Get Lucky, but then I found out he co-wrote that dirge Blurred Lines. But then Happy is on this which is a corker pop tune. Swings and Roundabouts.

Jeff Lang: Half Seas Over – This is OK, pretty typical Aussie folk/country. Country music is big out here, slim pickings at the CD store to be had, it’s all country or mainstream. But this is listenable country.

REM: Around the Sun – Standard REM stuff. Sounds like they are going through the motions a little (this is from 2004), but it’s OK.

Album count 2015: 95

The 24 hour video of this was neat:

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