The Armstrong Lie

This is a documentary that was originally going to be about how great Lance Armstrong was, but his confession sometime during filming put a great big spanner in the spokes. It then turned into Lance Armstrong is a big fat doped-up liar documentary.

Just one guy made this it seems. He followed Armstrong for four years and was going to call this The Road Back. Lance decided to come out of retirement and give the Tour de France one last go, all doped up of course, and win it and be a big hero.

Many, if not most of the riders in the 90’s were doped, it just seemed to be the done thing, so Lance was no worse than anyone else. But, it is the way he very convincingly lied to the cameras when asked if he was doping, and all of the backstabbing, manipulating, and general underhandedness he did that makes him so despicable.

This is a well made documentary, and has some great footage of the Tour de France, which is a punishing race. And it is a fascinating and infuriating story about a guy who wanted to win any way possible.

Date watched: November 16th
Score: 9/10
Film count 2105: 143

And here is the whole thing. There is an annoying white blob in the middle, I suspect that is some kind of device to get around YouTube’s copyright thingmo, or it is just an annoying blob.

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