The Evolution Of Rallying: 50 Years Sideways

I felt like a documentary, and with my renewed interest in rallying recently I decided to watch this.

It was quite bizarrely made though. The narration and editing were weird, it felt like it was made in the 1980’s, not 2001. Every now and then there would be a topic change shown by a cheap looking graphic title. Sometimes these topic titles would come up before the narrator was finished with the previous topic.

Here are a few fave or weird scenes:

A funny scene talking about rallying through towns, juxtaposed with a scene of a hearse trying to drive down a crowded street in one of these towns, and the narrator ending the final sentence with “…dead as a doornail” (1:04:27).

Another bizarre comment here. After talking about how man landed on the moon, the narrator said: “Even better though, the earth pulsated to the sounds of the Beatles and The Stones, and life took on a fluffy light quality”.

In another scene the narrator is talking about how rallying is popular in southern Europe, and while he waxes lyrical, we cut to a scene of two cheetahs for a few seconds, southern Europe as you may not know has heaps of them you see. And he finished this sequence with the sentence: “Yet, there were some that left their mark in a more direct way”, cutting to a dog peeing on rally car wheels.

And here is a other scene ending with “…and magnificent walk-on parts” as we watch an old lady slowly make her way past some mechanics.

Despite all the weirdness, which was fun in itself, it was an interesting look at rallying which has changed quite a bit over the years. The early days were pretty hairy, and the Group B cars were absolutely nuts. There was also a lot of great footage.

Good stuff to watch if you like rallying, and a bit of entertaining narration.

Date watched: November 13th
Score: 8/10 (for documentary)
Entertaining narration score: 9/10
Film count 2015: 142

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