The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

This is Robin William’s 4th to last film, made in 2014.

Pretty bad stuff unfortunately. Robin seemed to be trying, but he looked tired and not his normal self. There were times when he was his usual manical self, but it seemed either he or the director had to pour on the drama, which didn’t work.

I didn’t help that the story was boring, cliche-ridden, sentimental, and all over the place. It had a good cast but they were wasted.

The end scene capped off the crap with the cast getting angry at a boat captain for very little reason, then all having a good laugh at what they did… I cringed quite a bit but was relieved when the end credits came up.

With the news recently about Robin and the health problems he was experiencing before his death I can easily forgive him for this film, it is just a pity one of the last films he did had to be this one.

Some nice shots of New York city though.

Date watched: November 5th
Score: 2/10
Film count 2015: 138

The best scene in the whole thing, with James Earl Jones no less…

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