A few more CDs

The New Frontier – Americana – The Next Generation – Another Americana compilation, and a doozy too. I think I have a few of these compilations but no actual Americana records by bands. Except for maybe Calexico, are they even Americana? It’s just country innit?

Derek & Clive: Come Again – Genius and quite rude.

Eels: Useless Trinkets – B-Sides, Soundtracks, Rarities And Unreleased, 1996-2006 – 3 disc extravaganza this, loads of tunes.

Grateful Dead: Aoxomoxoa – From 1969 this is quite listenable. There is one 8 minute wigout towards the end which drags a bit.

Grateful Dead: The Grateful Dead – Debut record from The Dead from 1967, quite psychedelic it is too. The band themselves felt the recording was rushed, and the record label made them shorten a few of the tunes, they only the last tune, Viola Lee Blues is really them, probably because it’s 10 minutes long.

Cash: At Folsom Prison – Probably my favourite live album ever, Cocaine Blues, Dirty Old Egg-Suckin’ Dog, 25 Minutes To Go and a bunch of other top tunes played out in front of prisoners.

Kings Of Convenience: Declaration Of Dependence – Lots of acoustics going on here, and double tracked singing by the sounds of it. All very twee.

London Grammar: If You Wait – Moody stuff.

Madonna: The Immaculate Collection – Madonna’s greatest hits, all sounding very dated.

Album count 2015: 70

Derek and Clive drunk:

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