Massive Attack, Transistors, Duran Duran Tribute, Ghosts… of the Civil Dead

A few more purchases recently, mostly from Book Off.

After the first Massive Attack album I bought a few weeks ago I came across another at a reasobale price, so gave it a go. It is not nearly as good as the other, all rather ordinary and forgettable.

I follow The Transistors on Facebook, a band from Christchurch, and saw that a song of theirs On Cashel Street hit No. 1 in some indie chart in NZ. As I have fond memories of Cashel Street, and I like this band, I swiftly bought it on Bandcamp. Good song for a good street on which the world’d best DVD rental place resides, as well as a few good used CD shops in days gone past.

In the weekend Hana asked to go to Book Off to buy a comic, so we got on our bikes and peddaled furiously. I of course bought a couple of CDs. Ghosts… of the Civil Dead is the soundtrack of a film I would like to see after listening to this. Nick Cave and a few others do the music, and it is quite dark on the whole. Nick himself (a good man) is in the film too. A must see.

And on a whim, even though Duran Duran are not in my good books anymore, I bought a tribute album with bands like Deftones, Goldfinger, Less Than Jake, and Wesley Willis Fiasco. Mostly ska/punk covers here so not all that great. My fave is by Wesley Willis Fiasco. I was listening to the Alternative Tenctacles podcast a while back and he was featured in one episode. Jello Biafra was a fan of his you see. He was a unique dude, kind of like that other guy, whatshisname… Daniel Johnston, only a tad better I think.

Album count 2015: 81

Update: I found a Wesley Willis Best Of CD on Amazon, used. It was bought.

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