Saturday Night Fever

I have seen this before, but wanted to watch it again as I had forgotten most of it. As I watched it though it all came flooding back.

It is amazing to think this film was a major hit back in the day. If it was to be released to today’s ultra-PC audiences it would cause an uproar. There was liberal use of the F-bomb as well as the C-bomb, characters telling racist jokes, a smattering of violence, and a rape scene (although very short) by the main character. All rather eye-opening.

But it was a good film to watch because of all this, if it was toned down it would have just been a disco dance film, which would not do. John Travolta was a fantastic dancer, he had some moves.

IMDB has some interesting trivia about this film, read it here.

Interesting and amazing stuff.

Date watched: October 10th
Score: 8.5/10
Film count 2015: 132

That is Fran Drescher at 0:47…

Finnish disco dancing demon…

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